The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) requires employers to extend group health benefits to employees (and their families) who lose health benefits due to specific qualifying events.

When you choose COBRA compliance via our comprehensive and efficient administration service you enjoy considerable cost savings over administering COBRA in-house. COBRA includes easy-to-use online tools and services for complete plan management 24/7. Our website offers convenient access and control for everything related to your Plan.

  • Access comprehensive real-time reports.
  • Track service requests and check service activity.
  • Access easy-to-understand account reports.
  • Manage the collection of COBRA premium payments.
  • Access reports, forms, and online submissions.
  • Access experienced employee benefits professionals and financial experts.

Services and Responsibilities

  ServicesOur ResponsibilityClient Responsibility
COBRA General Initial Rights Notification (GIN)X 
Qualifying Event (communication from Employer to TemWrk of the event.) X
Carrier Notification of COBRA Status or ChangesX
COBRA Eligibility (communication from TASC to Qualifying Beneficiary)X 
COBRA Election Notice to ParticipantX 
Premium coupons to ParticipantX 
Premium Collection ServicesX 
Remittance of premium payment to employerX 
Deficient Payment NoticeX 
Manage grace periods for timely notificationX 
  Other Dependent communicationX 
Send notice to employer during continuation if another qualified event is experiencedX 
Telephone and online support for COBRA ParticipantsX 
COBRA Expiration/termination of coverage noticesX 
COBRA Regulation interpretationX 
Review website for needed report information X
Provide new benefit plan rates to TemWrk by at least the 15th of the month before the desired effective date. X